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About Us

Ordinatio Garden Industry was founded in 2002 by Mr. Konstantinos Kkantis and since then the company has managed to become one of the leading companies in Cyprus in the fields of Landscape design and Landscape construction. Now, the company owns one of the biggest plant nurseries & garden centers in Larnaca and currently employs more than 40 employees.​

The Company offers the Following Services:


  • Landscape design & Construction                               

  • Rock garden design & Construction                            
  • Irrigation Systems                                                    

  • Garden Maintenance                                              

  • Flower design (weddings, parties, special occasions etc)

  • Football and tennis fields including artificial grass          

  • Design materials                                                     


The plants that Ordinatio Garden Industry is using come partly from its own production, as well as from its own imports from Israel, China, Thailand, Greece, Holland and Australia. Therefore the company manages to offer a vast selection of common as well as unique plants, which can surprise even the most demanding person.


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