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Design Solutions


Artificial Grass

Tried and  tested over time, our artificial grass is better than the real thing, 4 cm of luscious green grass blades laid with sand for extra comfort, add it for our 10 year guarantee and it is hard to resist. Certificates for Anti- Fungal and anti inflammable properties apply. We install it in your garden all around Cyprus.


Green Wall

Our original Green Walls have there own irrigation system. A Green wall provides insulation to keep the building's inside temperature consistent. The main element of Green wall is the choice of plants. We take into account which plants will grow and thrive on your wall, whether it is an interior or exterior wall, in shade or full sun.


Train Wood Sleepers

An Ordinatio original, our imported timber sleepers are a unique feature for any garden adding warmth and a bold design statement. Use them for paths, steps, or vegetable planters, we are always finding new uses for this unique material.


Water Features

Custom made water features tailor made to suit your garden and your budget,cascading waterfalls, lily ponds, fish ponds and serene water streams, no landscape design is complete without the presence of water.



With over 12 years experience in landscape construction, our experienced staff produce a high level of hard landscaping surfaces and are always innovating to find new materials and surfaces to give your gardens the aesthetic quality they deserve.


Stone and Gravel garden

Our extensive selection of gravel and ornamental stones, have a place in every garden. We stock all sizes, colors, shapes and prices. They are an integral part of our garden design schemes.

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Wooden planter

Custom made wooden planters that will fit every need.


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