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Rare Plants

These impressive plants have been carefully selected for their unique foliage, growth habit and age. Imported by us from around the world, these plants will give your garden the impressive focal point and prestige it deserves. These rare plants are the Ordinatio originals, and our seal of quality and experience in the world of luxury garden landscapes.

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Our nursery of over 30,000 square meters is sure to stock the tree you need. In our vast selection, including trees of our own production, you will find trees from the smallest size through to fully mature waiting to be planted in your garden. You will find deciduous, evergreen, Mediterranean and our trademark tropical tree selections, including a large variety of impressive palm trees.

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Our plants and shrubs selection consists of aromatics, flowering shrubs, hedge plants, seasonal perennials and many more that are home grown at our nursery headquarters. You will be able to be advised on which plants will grow and thrive in your garden, whether your garden is coastal, inland, in shade or full sun.

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Rock Stones

These oversize rocks and stones are used to make a bold statement and add variety to a garden, they can be used to enhance a gravel laid area or placed together with plants and trees to balance the landscape design. At our garden center you will find a wide variety of granite, marble together with locally sourced stone for your garden scenario.


Ornamental Stones

Hand picked for their originality, these are sculptural pieces of garden luxury. These stones are all unique and have been worked according to their own individual character. They can be used as a focal point in your garden and together with the right lighting they will create the atmosphere you desire.


Gravel and Pebbles

Gravel and pebbles have become a permanent feature of the gardens today, used as ground cover, as a path or even to add color to a garden. At our garden center we stock a large variety of gravels of varying quality for every occasion and garden.


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